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Mum and son with Down Syndrome at the beach

Exercise Choice and Control as a Family

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Choice and control are some of the key characteristics of living a good life.

Everyone deserves to have a say about what they do, where they live and make everyday choices about their life.

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You decide what supports you receive and what these look like. You might be surprised about how much choice and control you actually have.

How much choice and control do you currently have?

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Young woman with Down Syndrome listening to music
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Family governance can help you have more  choice and control 

The word “governance” may sound intimidating, but it’s a simple idea, really. Family governance is about your family and your family member with an intellectual disability deciding what kind of support you need to support the lifestyle you want.

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Family Governance

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You are comfortable governing

You want to exercise choice and control as a family

You want your child to live in community

You want a full and inclusive life

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