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Young girl with Down Syndrome hiding under a blanket with her sister

Bringing In Friends And Allies

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 Surrounding your family with friends and allies  can be incredibly supportive.

Bringing more people into a person’s life with an intellectual disability can also support their vision, aspirations and lifestyle.

Creating a circle of support

A Circle of Support is a group of people who are invited to come together in friendship and support of a person with an intellectual disability. Typically circle members give their time freely. The purpose of circles is to:

Protect the person’s interests into the future.

Support the person with an intellectual disability to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Empower the person to lead a full and inclusive life.

Safeguard from loneliness and isolation.

Build lifelong relationships with people who love and care about the person and their family.

Here is checklist for inviting people people to join your Circle of Support.

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