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Young woman with Down Syndrome at a job interview

Making Your Vision a Reality

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 Achieving your vision  will not always be easy,

 but it will make your life and your family member’s life infinitely more enjoyable and rewarding.

Start with a plan

A plan will make your vision a reality. Ask yourself the following questions:

What do you need to do?

Why do you need to do it?

What happens if you don’t do it?

How are you going to do it?

Who do you need to bring in?

Do you need additional funding?

When do you need to do it?

Is there a time limit on what you need to achieve when?

Where? Is what you need to do bound to a specific location?

Fill out the vision template.

Need help putting a plan together?

No worries – contact Family Network and we can help put together an in-depth plan for you.

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