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Young man with Down Syndrome working on a computer

Resources and where to get help

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Creating a good life on your own terms is an  ongoing process.

From time to time you might need additional help and support. Below is a list of resources, and information on where you can get help.

Family Governance

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You will need to contact your local NASC to see if you qualify for funding.


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To make a good life possible, you need to have a vision for your family member with an intellectual disability. A plan can bring that vision to life. If you are stuck, Family Network can help you create a vision and plan your whole family can rally around.

Vision and Plan

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Family governance is all about your family having choice and control about who, when and where provides your support services. Contact Family Network if you need help with making family governance work for you.

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A circle of support are a group of people that come together in friendship and support of the person with an intellectual disability. They have many jobs, but their main function is to protect the person’s interests into the future. If you need help with setting up a circle or have questions about running a circle, contact Family Network, we will be able to help.

Creating a Circle of Support

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Disability Services

Ministry of Health provides a range of services to people with disabilities and the people who care for them. Learn more about the different services available.

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Need extra help? Our friends from LifeCourse have great worksheets and resources for creating a good life for yourself and your family member.

Need More Tools and Resources?

If you are  unsure of anything,  please contact the Family Network and let us now. We’d love to help.

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