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Your Family Deserves to Thrive!

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Really Good Lives.  That's the goal. 

Family Network NZ empowers families with loved ones with an intellectual disability to dream big and live life on their own terms. Family Network NZ’s strategies have been extensively researched and proven successful across the globe.

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Create A Good Life On Your Own Terms

Check out our comprehensive step-by-step guide for everything you need to do to create a good life for your loved one and your family. Learn how to create a powerful vision for the future, create a plan to make that vision possible, bring in the right people and services and more.

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We work with families to find the best path forward for their loved one with an intellectual disability.

We help families set goals, identify strengths and weaknesses, and plan for their loved one’s future careers, hobbies, friendships and more. Family Network also helps families discover what kind of support they need to create the kind of life they want.

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See all upcoming events and workshops.

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